Build Your Own Recumbent Bike!

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Homebuilt LWB Recumbent Bike

When you think about riding bikes, does it really rock your boat? Is there anything that excites you, or gets your juices flowing? Well, probably not, if you’re thinking about the typical bike.

I’m talking about that bike that almost everyone has hanging from the rafter in their garage. You know the one I mean. The same one you have, and your neighbor down the street, that you get out on Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day for a quick spin around the block. Then it’s back to its well reserved place hanging from the rafter again. Why is that?
What If You Could Ride A Bike That IS Comfortable For More Tan 15 Minutes

Aside from the fact the seat is usually uncomfortable after about 15 minutes, and that the legs are not in real good shape, it’s possible there aren’t many other reasons. So the key word here is comfort. Right? Come on admit it! If it’s not comfortable what’s the fun in that! So what’s the point here?

What if you could ride a bike that IS comfortable for more than 15 minutes? Perhaps you could go for 30 minutes, or and hour without hurting you know where? Besides that, what if your legs actually had the strength to pedal for that long, would that get your attention? All right! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

The Informal Translation Of Recumbent Is Laid Back

 Let me introduce you to the wonderful World of Recumbents. Recumbent bikes, in all shapes and sizes. OK, OK. What the heck is a Recumbent Bike? If you want the formal definition you won’t get that here. The informal translation of recumbent would be “laid back.” You know, like in a lawn chair.
It will be the most comfortable bike ride you have ever had. If you can ride one of these without a smile from ear to ear wile enjoying the beauty of nature, it will be due to absolute shock that anything could possibly be so comfortable and relaxing! Does it sound too good to be true? Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Are you ready? OK! Go to your computer, or any computer, and click here.  Looks a little different, huh? I know what’s on your mind. You’re probably thinkin’ someone will laugh at you if they see you ridin’ something that looks so weird…right?

Would you be more inclined to ride your bike if it was comfortable? If it were fun to go to the store, get some exercise, take a ride with the family or significant other, wouldn’t you do it more often? Who wouldn’t? We do things because we enjoy them, or we don’t do them. Right?

AND, if you knew it was a healthier, less stressful way to get exercise or just have fun, wouldn’t that be like icing on the cake! As for someone who would laugh because you’re doing something different, seems to me the laugh might be on them.

No More Hurtin’ For Certain On A Recumbent Bike

Speaking of exercise, what a great way to get some. Think about it. Do you realize you’ll be riding with your back fully supported? Your feet and legs will be in front of you instead of under you. Rather than pushing against your own weight, you’ll be using your gluteus max and pushing with your hips while supported by the seat back. No more hurtin’ for certain on a recumbent bike.

Thinking of all those advantages, what if you could build your own? Not mechanically inclined, failed shop class in High School, or maybe no space? More on this later, so keep on reading. You may want to check out the photo gallery.

Recumbent bikes are all gain and no pain. As my friend Jose says, “Riding a recumbent means never having to say you’re sore!” Take one for a spin, and then check your grin!